Shelley Potteries

This pottery was my first love, and goes back to the seventies, when my interest started in Art Deco pottery.

I was very fortunate that whilst researching the history of the company, I met Donald Shelley, Eric Slater and through Radio Stoke, several paintresses that used to work for Shelley’s in the thirties.

It was during this period I met my fellow co-authors Chris Watkins and William Harvey.

The three of us had the Shelley Potteries book published, and mounted a travelling exhibition of their fantastic varied range, which travelled throughout England and Scotland for a period of one year.

Shelley Film

Silent film about all stages of Pottery Production:                  CLICK HERE

Shelley on the Telly

Chris Watkins, BBC “Pebble Mill at One”   2nd December 1980:CLICK HERE

William Harvey, Thames TV “Afternoon Plus” 7th January 1981:CLICK HERE